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Going RockSolid:

The Difference Between Plane and Cube-Corner Mirrors

Many of our FT-IR instruments use the reliable RockSolid interferometer. Part of its outstanding stability stems from the use of cube-corner mirrors, also known as retro-reflectors. In this video, we explain the difference between these two mirror options and how we came up with the very fitting name “RockSolid” for our interferometer.

MIRO Analytical AG and BRUKER Optics

Bruker Optics has Acquired a Majority
of the Company MIRO Analytical AG 

We are pleased to inform you that Bruker Optics has acquired a majority of the company MIRO Analytical AG (MIRO) based in Switzerland.  MIRO  is  a  supplier  of  Quantum  Cascade  Laser  (QCL)-based  gas  analyzers  with  focus on the  environmental market, in particular on greenhouse gases (GHG) and air pollution analysis. These QCL solutions will perfectly fit to our current portfolio as well as markets served and allow for a significantly extended sensitivity in measuring gas compounds of interest. MIRO Analytical complements the Bruker Optics gas-analysis spectroscopy portfolio with fast, compact, highest-precision QCL  multi-trace gas analyzers.

Free Webinar

Oils, Seeds and More: Quality Control with FT-NIR Along the Production Chain

Are you involved in quality control of edible oils and oil seeds in the laboratory or production floor? Would you like to learn about how to use FT-NIR spectroscopy for the identification and authentication of edible oils like olive oil? Join our virtual workshop free of charge with expert advice and hands-on demonstrations and discover why FT-NIR spectroscopy is a powerful alternative to conventional technologies.

In-Depth Soil Characterization

Using Multispectral Range FT-IR Spectroscopy

Soil analysis is essential for modern agriculture and environmental science, for the determination of the chemical, physical and biological soil properties. Besides XRF, Raman and mass spectroscopy FT-IR is one of the most powerful techniques to uncover soil characteristics.


Different spectral ranges in FT-IR spectroscopy can provide valuable information from different perspectives: VIS for color and soil organic matter; NIR for moisture, texture and chemicals; MIR for minerals, C/N ratio, structural attributes etc. 


To achieve thorough soil insights with highest efficiency, Bruker offers a multispectral range soil analysis solution based on the INVENIO FT-IR R&D spectrometer with fully automated switching between spectral ranges. Find out more about instrumental setup, sample preparation, data evaluation and spectral automation in our new application note.  


Considerations for the Successful Implementation of FT-NIR Process Systems

FT-NIR has become a powerful analytical tool in the field of process analytics. Inline FT-NIR analyzers provide fast, precise information on product composition in both liquid and solid processes, allowing customers to save significant time and money compared to traditional wet chemistry techniques. Due to its role as a secondary measurement technique, much of the attention for FT-NIR installation is paid to the calibration development. While there is rarely a one size fits all solution when dealing with process installations, this paper will focus on topics encompassing Location, Process Conditions, Sensor Accessibility, and Sensor Orientation, the specifics of which must be considered when exploring an inline FT-NIR solution.

Interested in Material Verification?

It can be THIS Easy! 

Bruker’s handheld Raman spectrometer BRAVO is dedicated for quality control applications and can verify materials through (semi-)transparent packaging, including PE-foils and (amber) glass bottles, in seconds.
Watch our BRAVO Demo Video.

Looking for flexibility? Explore the possibilities with various measuring tips:

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